Sutton Park Primary – School Council

Sutton Park Primary School have representatives from years 3, 4, 5, and 6 who meet each week to discuss improvements their class would like to make to the school.

Class Representatives:

The role of a School Councillor:

  • To work as a team to improve our school environment.
  • To listen to all suggestions and consider how they can make our school happier.
  • To work closely with all staff and pupils to make ideas possible.
  • To attend and participate in School Council meetings.
  • To share information from meetings with children in our class.
  • To organise school events and raise money.

‘Every child deserves a champion and that is exactly what you all are’…

Foundation Stage parent

‘I love learning!’

Y2 pupil

‘My friends, teachers … everything is what I love about Sutton Park!’ …

Y3 pupil

‘I love Sutton Park because we are encouraged to follow our dreams and goals’

Y6 pupil

‘Knowing who I can speak to, friends or adults, make me feel safe’

Y6 pupil

‘Sutton Park Primary is at the heart of the community’

Y1 parent

‘I have a passion for our school to do well as they have supported me as a parent, and my children through some difficult times’

Y4 parent

‘My child’s teacher has always encouraged him and cheered him on’

Y6 Parent