Every child has to apply for a place at school. It’s a very easy thing to do but you need to follow the application rules that are laid out.

So please read through the guidelines carefully and then you can apply for a place for your child to come to our school.

Admissions will be co-ordinated through Hull City Council.

Further admissions documentation can be found below.

HCAT Consultation on 2020/21 Admissions

We are a primary and secondary Academy Trust currently responsible for 15 academies in 2 local authority areas. In developing these Trust-wide admissions policies, we are seeking to: provide a core of consistency across all our academies on aspects that will reflect our vision and values; while aligning with local arrangements so that parents/carers of potential pupils can more easily navigate their options. This consultation applies to our existing open academies – see admissions policy attached for details

Key points

The Trust proposes a Trust-wide approach to admissions, for September 2020, based on:

1. simple and fair oversubscription criteria that ensure our schools serve their local communities and families

2. participation in the coordinated admissions scheme run by the relevant local authority in which the school is located.

3. alignment with the relevant local authority’s approach on technical details such as how home-to-school distance is measured or how certain terms are defined, to keep things as simple and consistent as possible for parents/carers of potential pupils.


Where applications are unsuccessful, there is a right to appeal as set out in the admissions code and this will be explained in the response to the parent/carer. Appeals will be carried out within the timescales set out in the code.

Equality Impact Assessment

There are no identified differential impacts on individuals with protected characteristics set out in the Equalities Act 2010: age; disability; gender reassignment; marriage and civil partnership; pregnancy and maternity; race; religion and belief; sex; or sexual orientation.

Further information:

‘Knowing who I can speak to, friends or adults, make me feel safe’

Y6 pupil

‘My child’s teacher has always encouraged him and cheered him on’

Y6 Parent

‘Sutton Park Primary is at the heart of the community’

Y1 parent

‘I love Sutton Park because we are encouraged to follow our dreams and goals’

Y6 pupil

‘I love learning!’

Y2 pupil

‘Every child deserves a champion and that is exactly what you all are’…

Foundation Stage parent

‘I have a passion for our school to do well as they have supported me as a parent, and my children through some difficult times’

Y4 parent

‘My friends, teachers … everything is what I love about Sutton Park!’ …

Y3 pupil