School uniform

The school has a uniform policy and we hope that all pupils will wear the clothing recommended. This policy is strongly supported by the parent/carers of the school. Our school sweatshirts and cardigans are in burgundy.

We do ask, for reasons of health and safety that the wearing of jewellery is kept to a minimum. The wearing of false nails and any other excessive beauty product is not permitted. A wristwatch and stud type earrings may be worn if you consider the child old enough to take responsibility for them (either of these must be removed for PE).

In the interest of safety we request that children do not wear jewellery in school. If a child has pierced ears they should wear plain studs only.

Children may wear watches but must accept responsibility for looking after them.

School Uniform:

  • Burgundy sweater, cardigan or school sweatshirt.
  • White polo shirt.
  • Grey trousers / shorts.
  • A grey pinafore or skirt. Red checked or striped summer dresses in the summer.
  • Plain black shoes or black trainers.

PE & Games:

  • A white t-shirt (football shirts are not permitted)

  • Black shorts.
  • Black sandshoes.
  • Children will need a pair of trainers and a plain black or grey tracksuit for outdoor games lessons.

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