Maths – subject information


Mathematics is important in everyday life and, with this is mind, the purpose of mathematics at Sutton Park Primary School is to develop an ability to solve problems, to reason, to think logically and to work systematically and accurately. All children are challenged and encouraged to excel in maths. New mathematical concepts are introduced using a ‘Concrete, Pictorial and Abstract’ approach; enabling all children to experience hands-on learning when discovering new mathematical topics. Arithmetic and basic math skills are practised daily to ensure key mathematical concepts are embedded and children can recall this information to see the links between topics in maths.


All maths lessons contain the following elements:

1) A counting activity focusing on times tables or key number facts. The focus of this part of the lesson should be on speed rote recall of these facts.

2) An oral/mental starter task. In Years 3-6 these are called ‘Quick Tens’. These ten questions focus upon key fluency and mental maths skills and also allow children to revisit prior learning-embedding knowledge and making connections across the curriculum. In Years 1 and 2, maths starter activities should focus on a particular skill.

3) Main Activity. This contains ‘Task 1’ where the children practise the key objective’s skill and is focused upon fluency and varied fluency. We believe it is important that children secure their understanding of the basic concepts.

When this fluency is secured, learners tackle Task 2 tasks which allow children to apply this knowledge to a range of reasoning and problem solving tasks. Children are given the opportunity to ‘use’ and ‘apply’ the skill they have learnt in a range of real life contexts, leading to mastery of these key concepts.

It is expected that SEND and lower ability children are given support and planned appropriately for to provide them with the best opportunity to achieve. This can be through a more concrete-focussed approach to tasks, participating in small-group tasks or a greater emphasis on fluency-based practise in order for them to secure the key fundamental mathematical concepts they need to make progress.

Children are also given support through effective use of assessment. Children identified as requiring additional help are given support in a variety of ways, including same-day interventions or participating in a small group during the next lesson.


As a result of our maths teaching at Sutton Park, you will see:

Engaged children who are challenged.

Confident children who can all talk about maths and their learning and the links between mathematical topics.

Lessons that use a variety of resources to support learning.

Learning that is tracked and monitored to ensure all children make good progress.

‘Every child deserves a champion and that is exactly what you all are’…

Foundation Stage parent

‘I have a passion for our school to do well as they have supported me as a parent, and my children through some difficult times’

Y4 parent

‘My child’s teacher has always encouraged him and cheered him on’

Y6 Parent

‘Sutton Park Primary is at the heart of the community’

Y1 parent

‘I love learning!’

Y2 pupil

‘My friends, teachers … everything is what I love about Sutton Park!’ …

Y3 pupil

‘Knowing who I can speak to, friends or adults, make me feel safe’

Y6 pupil

‘I love Sutton Park because we are encouraged to follow our dreams and goals’

Y6 pupil