Term times

School year – 2023-2024

Autumn 2023Spring 2024Summer 2024
OpenTues 5th SeptemberTue 9th January Tue 9th April
Close half termThu 26th October Fri 9th February Fri 24th May
OpenMon 6th NovemberTue 20th FebruaryWed 5th June
End of termThu 21st December Fri 22nd MarchThu 18th July

Additional Bank Holiday

Monday 6th May 2024

School year – 2024-2025

Autumn 2024Spring 2025Summer 2025
OpenTue 3rd SeptemberTue 7th January Wed 23rd April
Close half termThurs 24th October Thur 13th February Fri 23rd May
OpenMon 4th NovemberTue 25th FebruaryWed 4th June
End of termFri 20th December Fri 4th AprilFri 18th July

Additional Bank Holiday

Monday 5th May 2024

‘I have a passion for our school to do well as they have supported me as a parent, and my children through some difficult times’

Y4 parent

‘I love learning!’

Y2 pupil

‘Every child deserves a champion and that is exactly what you all are’…

Foundation Stage parent

‘I love Sutton Park because we are encouraged to follow our dreams and goals’

Y6 pupil

‘Knowing who I can speak to, friends or adults, make me feel safe’

Y6 pupil

‘My friends, teachers … everything is what I love about Sutton Park!’ …

Y3 pupil

‘My child’s teacher has always encouraged him and cheered him on’

Y6 Parent

‘Sutton Park Primary is at the heart of the community’

Y1 parent