Year 4 – Home Learning

Information for parents

The Romans

Topic: The Romans – A history topic discovering how the Roman Empire grew and expanded and how it dramatically changed the lives of people in Britain.
Maths: statistics, geometry (shapes, position and direction) and consolidation learning.
Reading: Class novel – Romans on the Rampage by Jeremy Strong
Looking at aspects of vocabulary, retrieval, inference, comparison and author’s use of language.
Writing: Stories and instructional texts (recipes).
Topic Ideas:
  • Create a traditional Roman Villa home using junk modelling.
  • Research a famous Roman Emperor – what were they famous for?
  • Design a Roman mosaic fit for an affluent Roman family.
  • Investigate and put together a Roman timeline – dating key events of the Roman Empire.
  • Create some Celtic inspired tattoo patterns for Boudicca – Queen of the Iceni.
  • Find out about the Roman Gods – can you create your own mythical Roman god or goddess?
  • Create a Roman inspired banquet – did you know they ate ostriches and dormice for dinner!?

Please access the resources below if your child is isolating while waiting for a result. If your child needs to isolate, please inform the office and school will be in contact with you to provide details for home learning.

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