Year 4 – Home Learning

Information for parents

Topic: All Around the World – A geography focused topic looking at different locations around the world. 

Maths: Multiplication and division, area/measurement and fractions/decimals
Reading: Retrieval, inference and vocabulary
Writing: Persuasive writing, short stories, poetry and non-chronological reports

Topic Ideas:

  • Research a country of interest and create a factfile
  • Artistic creations of flags using different media or ICT
  • Research and cook national dishes from around the world
  • Study different cultural dance styles
  • Create maps of our local area using Google Maps or create your own maps using grid co-ordinates and directional language (North, South, East and West)
  • Make a list of all the countries you have links with. Perhaps you have family who originated in different countries? Do you have a favourite holiday destination? Maybe your favourite singer/sports star is from a different country?


Please access the resources below if your child is isolating while waiting for a result. If your child needs to isolate, please inform the office and school will be in contact with you to provide details for home learning.

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