Year 2 – Home Learning

Information for parents

One Day on Our Blue Planet

Topic: One Day on Our Blue Planet – a geography based topic looking at continents and oceans of the world. We will ‘visit’ Antarctica, the animals that live there, explorers and the global threat of climate change. We will also be using the text One Day on Our Blue Planet in the Savannah as a contrast to see how the two locations differ and why.

Maths: 2D and 3D shape, symmetry and measuring in standard units
Reading: Inference
Writing:  Story and diary entries

Topic Ideas:

    • Make your own version of Antarctica/African savannah in a shoe box/cereal box
    • Look at a globe. Can you identify the different continents of the world? Where is Antarctica? Where is Africa? Look on the internet and see how Antarctica is changing over time.
    • Complete an online exercise video (Jo Wicks or Cosmic Kids Yoga are useful YouTube accounts)

Please access the resources below if your child is isolating while waiting for a result. If your child needs to isolate, please inform the office and school will be in contact with you to provide details for home learning.

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